Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello Ghost

'Hello Ghost' is coming to Theaters near you!!
(click here to watch trailer)
Releasing 2/4/2011 at CJ CGV LA and 2/11/2011 nationwide!!

Hello Ghost (헬로우 고스트)Genre: Comedy
Director: Kim Yeong Tak (directorial debut) Screenwriter credits: BA:BO (2008); 간큰가족 (2005)
Cast: Cha Tae Hyeon, Kang Ye Won, Lee Moon Soo, Ko Chang Seok, Jang Young Nam, Cheon Bo Geun.
A depressed and lonely man, Sang-Man, (Cha Tae Hyun) starts seeing ghosts after attempting suicide many times. An orphan and a loner, who has been alone all his life, Sang-Man suddenly finds his world turned upside down when he starts seeing four ghosts: a chain smoking cab driver, an alcoholic/pervert grandfather, a constantly crying woman and young kid with an insatiable sweet tooth. Learning from a psychic that he cannot get rid of these spirits until he fulfills their last desires, Sang-Man allows them to possess his body. While carrying out their individual wishes, Sang- Man discovers the pleasure of daily life and forgets about his own loneliness and depression.

Running Time: 111 minutes
Opening 2/4/2011

So. California
•          CJ CGV Theaters (Los Angeles)

Opening 2/11/2011

 No. California
•          AMC Cupertino (San Jose)
 New Jersey
•          AMC Ridgefield Park 12
 New York
•          AMC Empire
•          AMC Rios 18
•          AMC Discover Mills 18 (Atlanta)
•          Consolidated Pearlridge



  1. 졸라 보고싶엇던 영화~~~

  2. 으악!드디어!얼마나기달린영화인가:)꼭보고싶네용!

  3. YESSSS this is finally out!!! Been wanting to watch this since forever!!

  4. cant wait to watch this!! YAY!

  5. ㅋㅋㅋ 재밌겠다,, been wanting to watch this too!!

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  7. omfg! this movie is like....wow! its like...omg the best movie ever~ if u don't watch it ur missin out in life! (ok so... seriously, it's an entertaining happy comedy movie as the poster saids. best 차태현 movie since 엽기적인 그녀) yes!!

  8. Funny and Touching,you won't regret.